Update 3.29.20 @ 12:30pm
We know that you have been awaiting our plan in regards to resuming operations and billing.

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Update  3/29/20

TGC Families,


We know that you have been awaiting our plan in regards to resuming operations and billing.


Please see the below letter from our owners, with final class and billing decisions. (Subject to change with government and board of health recommendations)


Dear Loyal Parents and Caregivers;


This is Kim and Tony Dykes, Founders, Owners, and Operators of The Gymnastics Company. I hope this email finds you and your family in good health during these unprecedented times. Everyone in the TGC family remains healthy.

First, a couple paragraphs of history followed by a promise to you, your children and the community:



The last 2 weeks have been surreal at TGC. As parents of 2 children, one grown and another in school, we had never planned for this kind of thing to affect our gymnasts and their families, our facility, and our personal finances as a small business. Our nation and world has a real health threat and many small businesses like ours will not be able to re-open after the health threat subsides. The future remains uncertain during these times and regardless of the outcome, we have enjoyed teaching and instructing your gymnasts lifelong skills, fostering friendships, and achieving their own personal success. 


TGC first opened 19 years ago on 4/1/2001. Kim Dykes, who has been in the gymnastics world as an athlete and coach for 42 years, has always had a passion for gymnastics. Kim is most often seen on the floor coaching and teaching classes almost every day of the week. She ensures each student of hers is not only set up for success, but that the personal and emotional needs of her gymnasts are always placed first and foremost. Tony Dykes, co-owner of TGC, has always been in the background to ensure that the facility is top-notch, safe, and secure for the gymnasts that walk through our doors each day. While never having been a gymnast, (to his repentance, ha-ha!), Tony has been in the gymnastics world through Kim for 32 years. Khloe and Austyn, the daughters of Kim and Tony, were born and raised in the gym. As a former Level 9 Junior Olympic Gymnast, Khloe recently took over as the recreational program director when an opening presented itself. Her 18 month old daughter Rosie, often seen at the gym, will certainly follow in mom's footsteps. Austyn, an eighth grader at FTMS East, is a spectacular dancer and Level 9 Junior Olympic gymnast. Her love for coaching is seen on our floors every day when she spends her spare time teaching our recreational students basic skills. Miss Amy, Kim's sister, is seen on our floors each day coaching team and providing private lessons to her students. She has a heart of gold and cares for each of our athletes as her own. She has been involved with our facility since the beginning and has a true passion for our athletes. Amy is an incredible coach and her passion for the gym and our athletes shines through each day. It is the hope despite hardships to keep this small family business running to pass on through generations. 



Today, walking through our ghost-like facility was more difficult than we could ever imagine. The building is dark and cold with the thermostats at maintenance settings. The usual joyful chatter of kids having fun while learning was substituted with a tomb-like silence. 'Sad' does not begin to capture the emotion.



Our Promise

This promise is to you, your children, the amazing TGC staff, 250 strong, and the community—TGC will weather this storm and come back strong. To whatever extent necessary, every dollar we have ever saved will be pledged to our recovery and rebuilding. At the moment, our company has trimmed every non-essential expense and is paying as much as it can to as many staff as it can while still servicing the mortgage, utilities, debt and insurance payments


To come back strong (which means staying current with mortgage payments and retaining our amazing teachers and support crew) requires careful budgeting and you can help our cause significantly.


As you know, tuition is due on the 1st of each month and that date is approaching. We have arranged three options:



(Email to confirm)

  • Thank you sincerely for considering this option. We won't let you down.


#2. WEEK BY WEEK BILLING.  Families who choose this option will pay weekly for classes attended through the months of April, with the possibility of subsequent months based on health official’s recommendations. 

Extra Thank You: You will also receive one FREE pass of your choice per enrolled child.

  • Structured Open Gym (Roll E Pollies, Saltoing Sprouts)

  • Structured Open Gym (all rec levels 5+)

  • Structured Open Gym - Team (Team students only)


#3. PURCHASE A DISCOUNTED CLASS CERTIFICATE.  Families who choose this option will purchase a discounted certificate to be redeemed when they feel comfortable returning to class. The cost of this certificate will be $72 for one month of class.


#4. PAY $15 HOLD TO RESERVE SPOT IN CLASS.  Families who choose this option will receive a tuition credit equal to the amount of tuition hold paid when class resumes

#5 Un-enroll.  If you opt to unenroll we understand. Our procedure remains unchanged: simply email stating your desire to unenroll by 4/1 at 8am. Reply to this email or email email@thegymnasticscompany.com


For the month of March, all classes lost regardless of the option outlined will be offered make-ups during May and/or June. Make-ups can also be redeemed for Summer Camp days if desired. As we stand, the earliest date we can begin operations is 4/7. We will plan to re-open on this date only with government and Health Department assurance that this is safe and in the best interest of our families and athletes. We keep in regular contact with officials and will ensure to communicate if things change. The outlined option plans have been designed to allow for these delays in opening as they arise. Once we resume operation, we will be #1: limiting our groups to 50 or less at all times. This may require rescheduling a few classes if needed. #2: Hand sanitation will occur during entry and exit of our facility, as well as between events. #3: Pick up and drop off procedures similar to school car-rider lines with the ability of parents/guardians to attend all practices with notice, to ensure adherence to CDC guidelines for groups of 50 or less. #4: Limit of 1 guest per athlete to ensure safety and number of our groups. Exceptions can be granted for siblings. #5: Regular full cleanings by facility cleaning crews. This is not an all-inclusive list, but an outline of how we will ensure our operation can remain safe during these times. 






**Special Competitive Team note: Make-up practice times will be implemented and offered in the amount of lost practice. Make-up days/times will be further known once further governor and CDC announcements are made. These options outlined also apply to competitive teams.


We will need your decision by 4/1 at 8am, to ensure that we are able to ensure facility mortgages, instructors and other pertinent items to operation are planned for with an accurate budget. All automatic payments this month will not occur. We will bill and process payments according to your response with your choice. Please send this via email only to ensure we can keep record of each family’s requests. 

**In the event that we remain closed for any period of time after April tuition is paid, cost of tuition will**

A: Be spread throughout the next quarter in tuition credits

B: Redeemable for 2 days of Summer Camp 

We will depart with a heartfelt THANK YOU. Thank you for believing and especially for entrusting your most precious treasure to us. And, more than can be expressed in words, thank you for your continued support.


Wishing you, your loved ones and especially all who have been hurt by this virus a speedy return to normal.


Kim and Tony Dykes

Founders, Owners, Operators

Update  3/16/20

TGC Members,

During our team discussions as to our response to the CDC’s latest suggestion to limit gatherings to groups of 50 people or less, it was also announced by Mayor Hogsett limiting non-essential travel and ordering operations of all non-essential businesses to cease in Indianapolis. Therefore, the Gymnastics Company will not hold class or team practice as a non-essential business. The order restricting travel and operations begins Tues 9am, and extends 7 full days. There is an active proposal to extend this Local Disaster Emergency which will be discussed at tonight’s City-Council meeting and decisions will be made at that time as to the length of the Disaster Emergency.


TGC will be closed for certain effective today through 3/24 at 9:00am. We will communicate the results of further developments as they occur.


The heatlh and safety of our athletes and their families is our priority. We will be developing a make-up plan using guidance from the health department, the CDC, and other local gym owners to address this global health issue and ensure our customers are not put at risk. Due to the unpredicatability of this, this was not foreseen by anyone and we assure you that you will not lose the value of your monthly tuition. Make-ups will be offered and a strategic plan will be developed and communicated. Please watch your email for a survey link in the next 24 hours with a link as to how we can provide assistance or services to your family.  



Some resources that may be helpful include:



TGC Team

The Gymnastics Company
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Indianapolis, IN 46239
(317) 527-7283 - phon

Dear TGC Members,

We understand that many in the gymnastics community are concerned about the health and safety of athletes amid the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and are seeking guidance about whether to attend class or practice due to coronavirus concerns.

Because coronavirus is a rapidly evolving global health issue that is affecting geographic areas differently, it is challenging to provide a blanket directive that would make sense for all members. As part of that process, we suggest reviewing the latest CDC guidance, reviewing other school or community closures in your area, and reaching out to your local public health department, to help determine if your child should participate in gymnastics activities.

Instead, we ask that our families work together to determine what is in the best interests of your family and community. We will continue to hold class and practice regularly and will be in frequent contact with the local health department as the situation develops. We will follow the guidance and directives from the health department and any government directives as they occur.

We have a strategic plan in place and have put sanitation procedures into place to ensure we are wiping down mats and surfaces each class. Our cleaning company is also working with us on deep cleaning and overnight procedures to ensure we keep all facilities and equipment as clean as possible.

Some resources that may be helpful include:
CDC advice: 

WHO Advice: 

WHO’s Guidelines for Mass Gatherings: 

WHO's Hand-Washing Steps:


While we know potential cancellations and disruptions are not ideal, the health and well-being of our athletes and families are our top priority. We appreciate the community coming together to help make these difficult decisions.

We will communicate any updates, schedule changes or adjustments as they occur via text, facebook and email. If you are not subscribed to receive our texts and desire to, please reply to this email.


TGC Team