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3/30/20 @ 12:30pm

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3/16/20 @ 3:48pm

TGC Team,

During our team discussions as to our response to the CDC’s latest suggestion to limit gatherings to groups of 50 people or less, it was also announced by Mayor Hogsett limiting non-essential travel and ordering operations of all non-essential businesses to cease in Indianapolis. Therefore, the Gymnastics Company will not hold class or team practice as a non-essential business. The order restricting travel and operations begins Tues 9am, and extends 7 full days. There is an active proposal to extend this Local Disaster Emergency which will be discussed at tonight’s City-Council meeting and decisions will be made at that time as to the length of the Disaster Emergency.


TGC will be closed for certain effective today through 3/24 at 9:00am. We will communicate the results of further developments as they occur.


The heatlh and safety of our athletes and their families is our priority. We will be developing a make-up plan using guidance from the health department, the CDC, and other local gym owners to address this global health issue and ensure our customers are not put at risk. Due to the unpredicatability of this, this was not foreseen by anyone and we assure you that you will not lose the value of your monthly tuition. Make-ups will be offered and a strategic plan will be developed and communicated. Please watch your email for a survey link in the next 24 hours with a link as to how we can provide assistance or services to your family.  



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